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Dr. Larissa Rice D.C.

  • ​Supplements are essential in helping the body to heal correctly. They offer the correct building blocks to repair tissue, and fight inflammation so the body can fully heal. Our line of supplements is truly the best quality, made from all natural whole ingredients that break down fast and are easily absorbed to offer the quickest recovery, as well as continued support for our working bodies.
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BedBoss Pillows & Beds

  • In our opinion, RockTape is the best kinesiology tape on the market. With its advanced technology  and 180% elasticity, RockTape allows you to move with a fuller and better range of motion.
  • Toxin free and built with natural and renewable resources!
  • Bamboo-infused visco memory foam helps keep you cooler throughout the night.
  • Aloe Vera enhances the luxuriously soft feel of the fabrics.
  • Castor Plant Oil replaces a percentage of the petroleum traditionally used in foam products.